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Your digital imagEs

Your digital images are a valuable way to forever preserve your memories. While your digital images are prepared for printing up to size 16×20, please keep in mind that wall portraits (11×14+) and canvas wraps are pieces of art. Using our professional lab is the best way to insure that the quality is top notch for such products, and that the files are properly prepared. Your digital images are the perfect option for obtaining desk prints, gifts for family, greeting cards, photo gifts, digital frames, and most importantly, archiving for future use.

In order to receive beautiful prints and products, it is important to utilize quality labs and vendors and take note of all printing recommendations. Drugstores, Walmart, Target, Costco, etc. are notorious for poor, off color prints, and are not equipped for printing professional portraits. Avoid them at all costs!

Our recommended vendors are:


Your images have been cropped at a 5x7 ratio. This means, if you print your image in a different size, you may need to adjust the crop to ensure that no important parts of the image (i.e. top of head, feet, etc.) get cropped out. Mpix allows you to do this in their ordering system (see below).

color correction

Since your images have already been processed and color corrected, it is very important that you select the "do not color correct" option at check out (if utilizing Mpix, or any other vendor). This will ensure that your prints are as true to life as possible.

the fine print

Although we can make recommendations, we cannot guarantee the quality of prints that are created by a lab other than our own. The same applies for images have been altered prior to printing (color adjustments, auto cropping, etc.) By purchasing digital images, you are assuming the responsibility for the finished product. Please also note that unless your monitor is calibrated to the lab at which you print, your final products may look slightly different from what you see on your screen. We are always available and happy to offer suggestions and tips, but specific questions should be directed to the lab or vendor you are utilizing. It is strongly recommended that you back up your digital files immediately
and in several locations (i.e. your hard drive, a hard copy disk and an off site location, such as Carbonite or Dropbox). There is no way of telling the exact lifespan of a USB drive or CD, and unfortunately, disasters and computer crashes do occur. Archiving your images in several locations is crucial to avoid data loss. While we do archive images, we are not immune to such catastrophes and cannot guarantee the retention of your images beyond 60 days. Please be sure to notify us immediately if you are unable to download your images.

copyright/print release

As the author of the aforementioned images, Ashley Brown retains the copyright, regardless of possession and ownership. These files are for your personal use only, and may be printed and reproduced. They may not be used for commercial use or sale. You may not make copies for sale or authorize any reproductions of the images for display or editorial purposes or enter any of the images into competition without express written permission.


It is just as important to us as it is to you that your digital images result in the most beautiful, quality prints and products. Please read all included information carefully, contact us with any questions and enjoy!.