Do you photograph siblings?

Absolutely. If more than one child attends the school, they can be photographed together.


Can you photograph infants?
Yes! Rachael B Photography specializes in photographing children ages 6 weeks to 6 years, so even the littlest “students” can (and will!) have their portraits taken.


What should my child wear?
Solid colored clothing is best. Keep it simple, and avoid distracting choices such as shirts with large pictures or logos. It doesn’t have to be fancy either; Jeans and a simple shirt that go with the background are always a good choice.


Do I get more than one picture to choose from?
Yes, usually parents get 3-4 images to select from. Keep in mind that some children are more camera shy than others, so this will vary some.


When do I need to pay for pictures?
You never have to pre-pay for your child’s photos. You’ll make your selections in an online gallery approximately one week after the portrait date!


What types of payment are accepted?
Online ordering accepts all major credit cards. For families that do not have online ordering access, payment can be made via cash, check, or money order.


Do you sell digital downloads / digital files?
Yes! You can choose to purchase individual files or purchase all of your child’s photos at a reduced rate. Digital files are emailed to you directly after purchase.


Can Grandma / Aunt Sue / other extended family members purchase prints?
One of the wonderful things about the online gallery is that anyone in your family to whom you give the password can place an order. If your family members are out of state or not local, they can choose to have their orders shipped directly to them!


How long does it take for portraits to arrive?
Items will arrive at the school within two weeks of the final order date. If a parent or family member has chosen to have an order shipped directly to them, the portraits will be shipped within two weeks of the final order date.


What does the Expiration Date on my gallery mean?
Your gallery’s expiration date is the last day that you can place an order. It is 10 days after your gallery opens.

We do not leave images up indefinitely. After ten days, images will be removed from the site and from the system as we have concluded that you are not planning to order unless you contact the studio to ask for an extension.


What if I don’t like my pictures?
Make-up picture day is usually set with your school, contact them for re-takes!


My child’s school/daycare has used a different photographer. How do I recommend Rachael B Photography for the next season’s photos?
Take a look at the Parent Ambassador Program. It has rewards for parents whose schools book a portrait session with Rachael B Photography, and it's super easy to do.  :)


My child's school is a daycare / public school / church-based school / in-home daycare. Can you be booked for that type of school?
Of course! There's no school too big or too small. If your child's school is in the following areas, Rachael B Photography can take school portraits there:

Los Angles, Ventura, Orange Counties, and surrounding areas.



School Photos | For School Administrators 

How do I book a portrait day for my school?
Contact us at hello@rachaelBphotography.com by using the Contact Form to check on availability.

Rachael B Photography photographs students in public and private schools and daycares in Los Angeles, Ventura and Orange counties.


What age range of students do you photograph?
Rachael B Photography specializes in boutique preschool and daycare portraiture, the ideal client is ages 6 weeks to 6 years. However, if your school has students in higher grades, that’s not a problem at all.


Does it cost the school anything to have portraits taken?
The school does not pay a dime to have portraits of the children taken!


Do you pay commission to the school?
All schools earn a commission on the sales from their portrait day(s).


Do you offer sibling portraits?
Absolutely! All students who have a sibling can be photographed together, regardless of whether or not that sibling attends the school.


When do you schedule portrait sessions?
Photos are taken first thing in the morning, when the children are fresh and awake (and clean!). Depending on the number of students at your school and their age ranges, several days may be scheduled to ensure all students have the opportunity for top-notch portraits.


How long does each child’s portrait session take?
Depending on the age of the child, anywhere from a minute or two to several minutes. Because every attempt is made to get personal with the children and to capture authentic smiles, there is not the “assembly line”-type structure to school portraits with Rachael B Photography.


How many poses does each child get?
While specific poses are certainly thought out for each setup, each child will have a variety of photos taken and many times, a child’s gallery will include different poses / looks than those of other students. Because of the boutique style of Rachael B Photography’s portraiture, there are no “canned” poses and every child will have a unique experience.


How do parent place orders?
Each school receives a beautiful, easy-to-use online website that showcases each child's photos in individually password-protected online galleries. Parents order right there in the gallery; it's even easy to view sibling galleries and check out all at once! 

If some parents at your school need assistance with online ordering or prefer to pay via cash or check, this can always be arranged.

How long does it take for portraits to arrive?
Items will arrive at the school within two weeks of the final order date. If a parent or family member has chosen to have an order shipped directly to them, the portraits will be shipped within two weeks of the final order date.

What types of payment are accepted?
Online ordering accepts all major credit cards. For families that do not have online ordering access, payment can be made via cash, check, or money order.


Can families place a second order or reorder more prints?
Of course!  Contact us at hello@rachaelBphotography.com



How long have you been an event photographer?
We have had the pleasure of covering a variety of events for 10 years. In that time We’ve photographed everything from weddings and birthdays  to corporate and private parties.

What kind of equipment do you use? 
We always want to have the best possible equipment for my shoots, and use all professional Canon gear. Also, I always use at least two cameras for events. This allows me more flexibility in making those great images you are looking for, and ensures that I always have a backup.  

How many photos will you take at my event? 
This number varies depending on the event, so it’s hard to give an exact number. That said, my associates and I do not put a limit on the number of images shot; my team and I will shoot as much as it takes to make sure that you have everything you need. 


How do you charge for event photography? 
We typically charge hourly for event coverage, though this may vary with your individual needs and the types of services you are looking for. I can make an exact estimate for you once I get all of the details for your particular event.


Can these images be used on my website and in publications? 
Absolutely! You want everyone to know how great your event was, and so do we. The fee for our event shoots includes licensing for both print and web usage. This includes your website, LinkedIn profile, Facebook page and any other social networking sites you may be using. 


Are you insured? 
Yes, we carry full liability insurance and can provide proof of insurance upon request.


When will my photos be available? 
We will have high-resolution event photos online within a week of the event, and usually get them out faster than that. We also offer next-day or same-day turnaround upon request. Just let us  know when you need your photos by, and you will have them!


How do I get my images? 
All images will be available for high-resolution download through an online, password-protected gallery. We typically keep galleries open for 1 month and can extend this time frame upon request. We can also deliver photos via Dropbox, ftp, email, or however works best for you.


PHOTO Booths 

How big is the photo booth rental?

Our photo booth s is approximately six feet by six feet and stands six feet tall. To the guest, the booth looks like a permanent fixture in the venue – though we have designed it to break down in a matter of minutes, haul it up stairs, and fit through standard sized doorways.


How many people can fit into a photo booth photo?

We’ve seen up to eight faces in our photo booth’s photos. Though, 4 to 6 fit best!


What is required to run the photo booth?

Our traditional photo booth will fit comfortably against a wall. It simply requires a standard, three prong electrical outlet (110 volt, 3 prong) – similar to what your TV would need.


How long does it take to print the photos?

After getting into position, there is a five second pause between each photo with a countdown to the next picture. Once all the photos are taken, your guests have the choice of emailing or printing the photos!  It takes about 30 secs for the prints.


Do I get digital photo copies?

You’ll receive all the high resolution photos the next day uploaded to our very own online private gallery.  You can they share the link with you guests so they too can obtain their own digital copies for FREE!  


Is it possible to have my event name or a logo printed on the photos?

We’ll brand and layout your photos any way you like. Photo-strips are fully customizable to your liking. Just let us know what you want, you will LOVE our designs.


Can the photo booth be used outdoors?

Yep! We just need a 110 volt power source and a flat, hard surface. In most cases, we prefer a sheltered area since having the booth in direct sunlight is bad for the equipment.


Where do you travel?

We travel wherever the photo booth rental takes us. There’s a nominal travel fee for events beyond 25 miles from Los Angeles.  In many cases, we don’t charge for travel to Orange County or Ventura counties. 


Do you offer other photography services?

Yep! Our open air booth rental is our most popular option, but if you need another photo arrangement (roaming photographer, etc.), we are pros and can make it happen for you. You’re the boss and what the boss wants, the boss gets!