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                       About Me


My Story

I'm a photographer, a mom, and a travel enthusiast.  I lay on the ground, I tell the jokes and I get the shot, you know the one when you say :  "Holy macaroni.....YESSSSSSS, THAT'S IT"

I am here for you; I'll help you see your life as ART!  These moments of your life will pass you by before you know it.  So let's invest in each other, and make your life stop, for one beautiful moment and capture it all....the missing tooth, the broken arm, the cray hair, the "I picked this outfit out myself" look...ALL OF IT!!!

You won't regret it, I promise!  


My goal to create memories you will not only cherish but photos that will trigger an emotional connection and bring you back to that day, that very moment. I work for you and want nothing more than to share my love of photography and make everlasting friendships that will carry us through time. Whether it's your newborns first days, or your family's special get-togethers, I will be there, in the background capturing life, your life, unscripted.

Your vision for your session will be my guide and I will work to ensure the ideas you have come to life in my pictures. It is my personal creed to make sure you are not only satisfied but thrilled with the results we achieve together.

My Style

I am a nature girl who loves the sun, beaches, and breezes...of an of course the urban jungle filled with graffiti.  I can't think of a better way to spend my days out in the gorgeous, sunny California weather documenting your life.  From weddings and special occasions to welcoming a little one or family portraits; I love it all!

I love natural light (you just can't fake a sun-kissed smile) and prefer to work on-location, with a documentary style.  This is when your most natural moments shine through.  By holding true to this documentary style, I am able to capture honest and pure photographs that reveal your family connections and special moments.  The BEST smiles occur when we are having fun, laughing and joking, why should this day be any different?

These real moments allow me to tell your story through pictures, your pictures, to have and hold and cherish for always.

    My husband HATES photos of him and isn’t a fan of any photographers...except Rachael. True story, he will not let anyone photograph our family except her. That speaks volumes if you know my husband
    — anonymous in Encino, CA


    15 Fun Facts ABout me

    1. I took my first photography class when I was 8 (thanks mom)
    2.  I'm a mom of two wild and crazy boys that might be over me taking 20,000 photos of them daily
    3. I'm from a town of 10,000 people...now I live in LA, go figure
    4. I can't stop traveling, I lost track after 30 countries visited
    5. I was almost too busy taking a million photos on the Nile River when my husband was trying to propose, but just look at the camel I shot!
    6. I LOVE LOVE LOVE natural light and try to use the sun to guide my pictures.  I love the look of natural shadows, but have been known to use my flash.
    7.  I love music...ambient to country, jazz to house, oldies and hip hop
    8. I'm a Canon lady and I am in love my wide angle and my 50mm (nifty 50)!
    9. I've trained under a few amazing photography professors at Santa Monica College
    10. Ultimate life goal; to be featured in National Geographic 
    11. I'm a mean Karaoke rap star
    12. I'm a cheese lover who happens to be lactose intolerant.
    13. My first concert ever, Michael Jackson's Bad Tour when I was 7
    14. I believe "everything happens for a reason" and live by it
    15. I feel blessed to see the world through my lens and translate life into moments caught and cherished for a lifetime
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